join A community GROUP

In our community groups, we are fellowshipping with one another through God's Word, prayer, hospitality and mutual care. We challenge and encourage one another to apply Scripture to our lives, and as we do so, we are helping one another follow Jesus. 

Our community groups are meeting all throughout the week at various times and locations. Below you can find a list of our current community group leaders. For more information, contact the church office 479-846-3939.. 


Troy & Patricia Myers and Duane & Nina Jinks

Kris & Samantha Maxey

Derek & Christy Steinmuller

Ed & Judy Smith and Matt & Angie Duncan

Scott & Tara Caves

Scott & Shari Ramoly and EJ & Lauren Roussell

Josh & Hannah Hall and Trevor & Mackenzie Gies

Silas & Pam Wood

Matt & Anna Parker and Sam & Rebekah Hodges

Barney & Jo Hunt